Balance in Bridgetown


If Oprah can have her "Favorite Things"... So. Can.I

This is where you can find my current favs, including all things ranging from food to books to coffee and more. You know, the things that make my life oh, so hygge. I promise this list will continue to grow and evolve, so keep checking back!


Pinkleton's Curious Caramel Corn

This stuff is CRACK & I LOVE it. I was introduced to Pinkelton's in a loving care package received from one of my favorite vendors, full of fun swag and Portland delights, and I can say I look forward to this box EVERY YEAR for this damn popcorn.


Haven Coffee Co. 

One of my all time favorite coffee shops on the west side of Portland is Haven (previously Poppa's Haven). They make a killer hemp milk Mexican Mocha, and the staff are the absolute best. If you're on the west side, definitely check them out!


The Art of Non-Conformity

Sometimes there are just books you come across that you would gift to anyone and everyone in a heart beat, and this is one of mine. Written by Portland native Chris Guillebeau, this book gives you permission to be you, to be happy and to live it UP..