Balance in Bridgetown

#DowntownPDX Hot Chocolate Tour

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Portland is a city known for many things - coffee, craft beer, books, bridges, food, art, the list could go on and on. But one thing that is under the radar is Portland's hot chocolate scene. With close to ten different chocolatiers in Portland, it’s hard to imagine why this hasn’t become more of a thing. Perhaps the coffee scene eclipses it? In any case, if you come to Portland and don’t check out one of these hot chocolates, you’re missing out. 

Check out four of my favorite hot chocolate stops for a delicious cup. Or, if you’re with friends or out of town guests, take them on the best tasting tour - a hot chocolate tour!

Brunch Treasures at Trinket

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And because it’s the weekend, and you too must go to brunch, I’m pretty excited to tell you about one of my latest brunch finds in SE Portland - Trinket. If you’re looking for that quintessential brunch experience, that is PERFECT for a slow, rainy day in Portland, I highly recommend you check them out. My sister and I were there a few days ago and were delighted by the beautiful simplicity of their menu, the coziness that was their house and that we barely had to wait in line for turned out to be a great experience.

That #BuJo LIFE

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Who here is on the Bullet Journal train? Anyone? 

I started the whole bullet journal life back in November, and let me just say, it's changed my life. No doubt you're over there being like "Seriously Niv? A journal changed your life?" and it's true! But what's really legit is that it changed my life in ways I didn't really expect it to. 

Pop-Up Brunch at Hunnymilk

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So as you can tell by the title of this post, it's time to talk brunch. More specifically, brunch at pop-up spot Hunnymilk in NE Portland. This sweet spot is a bit off an oddball in that they only do brunch, it's a fixed menu, and each meal always includes a sweet and a savory option. J and I LOVED that, and think all brunch spots should adopt this model. I could see how other people may not love it so much.