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#PDX Valentines Sweet Treats RoundUp

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Can you believe it's already February? I still can't wrap my head around it. I’m a little freaked out by the flowers and greenery already starting to bloom. Even so, I'm VERY happy about the lack of rain and almost sunshine. It’s been really nice to get out and take Gus on long walks, get my podcast and audiobooks in and get some fresh air. Ialso love February because it's a short month - it almost makes me feel like each day is a little more special than the last because there are only so many. That, and Valentine’s Day. Duh.


Given the day of flowers and love is right around the corner, I thought why not round up a few of the sweet specials going on around town! Some of my favorite Portland brands and restaurants are hosting Valentine’s Day collaborations and specials as ways to celebrate with the community.

Check out my #PDX Valentine’s Sweet Treats RoundUp: Coffee, Donuts & Desserts

#PDX Valentine’s Day RoundUp: Coffee

This category shouldn't surprise anyone, if you follow me on Instagram (@balanceinbridgetown). I love all things coffee and our local roasters and coffee shops did NOT disappoint this year.

Portland Gear Coffee x Water Avenue - Once again, Portland Gear Company partners up with Water Avenue to bring it's community a special blend of coffee. This time around, with a hot pink label and just in time for Valentine’s Day, the “Love Blend” arrives. This roast is a small batch blend from Water Ave Roasters in SE Portland and is said to be "balanced yet complex with dark chocolate notes, and hints of toasted walnut”. Coffee and chocolate for the win! I’m picking up my bag today!

Woodblock Chocolate & Marigold Coffee Valentine’s Chocolate & Coffee Tasting - I don’t know about you, but if J (my husband) came home with some form of chocolate and a giant cup of coffee or a new bag of coffee beans, I’d immediately be in his arms. Come to think of it, when he proposed there was also chocolate and coffee involved. Woodblock Chocolate & Marigold Coffee is hosting a Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Coffee tasting event over the lunch hour on the 14th. How fun is that?! Not only is it a fun way to celebrate with a friend or partner, it’s also FREE! They recommend registering early, so get on it already! 

Stumptown’s Valentine’s Day Collab - Stumptown is doing a sweet and simple Valentine’s Day collaboration with Jacobsen Sea Salt Co. delivering Salty Coffee Caramels. These caramels are the perfect blend of Stumptown’s Cold Brew paired with a traditional caramel recipe and a sprinkling of Jacobsen Sea Salt. These caramels are the perfect gift for anyone who likes sweet treats and the taste of coffee, with or without the caffeine! You can order online here. 

#PDX Valentine’s Day RoundUp: Donuts

In case you didn’t know, I love donuts. I’m not sure when it happened - it used to be cake, and then slowly but surely, it transitioned to donuts. Maybe because donuts are basically acceptable to eat at any time of day mini versions of cake? Or perhaps since the donut scene blew up in Portland, I just became more and more obsessed? I guess the why doesn’t really matter, but the WHAT is what I’m all about. For Valentine’s Day 2018, here are the donuts I’m hoping to get my hands on:

Blue Star Donut's “24K Rose Rose” Donut - Does this not sound delicious? A french dark chocolate buttermilk base, with a rose water spritz and sparkles?! Just look at that photo @BlueStar posted just yesterday!

Delicious Donut’s “Delicious Donut Bouquet” - Is this not the CUTEST donut special I’ve seen. $18 for a bouquet of Valentine’s Day themed donuts, delivered to your favorite person? If only this was available all year round… Delicious Donuts definitely takes the cake for best creative representation of donuts this year! 

Coco Donut’s “Valentine’s Sprinkle Donut” - If you’re looking for the ideal simple Valentine's Day date idea, this is it. Head over to Coco’s Donuts and get a Valentine’s Sprinkle Donut to share. It’s a classic chocolate glazed donut with festive pink and red sprinkles that would pair delightfully with a cup of espresso or tea. A perfect date for good friends, those new to a relationship or even a sweet spot to take a parent or child for a sweet treat on Valentine's. 

#PDX Valentines Day RoundUp: Dessert

And for anyone who's looking for a more formal dessert option, check out one of the following - Pix, Salt & Straw or 180 Xurros.

SuperScreenshot 2018-2-10 23-26-58.png

Pix Patisserie’s Valentine’s Day Treats - If you’re planning to buy your sweetheart a box of chocolates, go the extra mile and get it from Pix. Not only are they handmade chocolates, you might come out with an added surprise! This year, Pix is doing something fun with their Great Diamond Earring Giveaway - on Valentine’s Day, one box of Pix’s handmade chocolates will contain a hidden pair of diamond earrings. How awesome is that?

If you’re just in the mood for a delicious dessert, Pix is still at the top of my recommendation list. They’re all about fancy chocolate and champagne! Ideal for any romantic celebration, including Valentine’s Day. Visit Pix Patisserie at 2225 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214.

Salt & Straw’s Chocolatier Series - This may not be Valentine’s Day specific, but it is chocolate specific and there’s no better day to eat chocolate than on the day of love! Another great simple date night idea, whether flying solo or as part of a group, or anything in between. S&S collaborated with multiple chocolatiers, including Cocanú Chocolate, Xocolatl de Davíd, Alma Chocolate and Woodblock Chocolate to create there special Chocolatier Series this month! Check it out at their storefront in NW Portland or order some online here.

180 Xurros - Who doesn’t love a good churro? Seriously? And when they’re themed, they’re even better. 180 Xurros has what you would imagine a xurro to be and then they have xurro bites or bonbons - mini stuffed xurros, with raspberry cream, covered in chocolate. AND they’re dusted with 24k edible gold. They’re flipping beautiful and anyone who gets these for Valentine’s Day will immediately feel beautiful and special. And find themselves on a sugar high.

...But that’s the whole point of this post anyway, right?

Let me know if you check out any of these local spots for Valentines day! 


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