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Hello 2018

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Happy New Years guys! Can you believe it's already a new year? I am having a hard time figuring out where 2017 went. Everyone kept saying 2017 was a terrible year, and politically, I wouldn't disagree, but a lot of really great things happened for a lot of people - new adventures, babies being born, new jobs, dreams came true, etc. 

So, with that, let's talk about how 2017 went over here in good ol' bridgetown for me, and what intention I set for 2018. Sound good? 

2017... How would I describe you in one word? Whirlwind.

That's it. In the last 12 months, #JOVEN did things, went places and made some pretty great memories. For example... 

  • We had some epic vacations
    • Mexico
    • Germany
    • Spain
  • Josha finished his MBA
  • I was challenged a LOT (in a good way) at work
  • We spent quality time with people we love
  • We ate at amazing restauraunts
  • We had a lot of fun pretty much all year
  • And we still love the life we have! 

Some things that weren't so great, that I'm hoping to change this year include being healthier, spending more quality time with Josha, blogging more and making time and taking space for myself.

So what's on deck for 2018?

Considering how challenging 2017 was for me work wise, I'm hoping to make some space for myself again and tackle the following...

  • More blogging
  • Getting back in shape 
  • Scoping out more restraunts and coffee shops
  • Keep up my reading
  • Continuing to travel
  • Having fun

To get into more specifics... I'm hoping to take this blogging thing a bit more seriously, and hold myself accountable. I'd like to get at least a few partnerships and sponsorships under my belt - let's see how that goes! 

In terms of getting back in shape, I'm going to put it out there - I'd like to get back to my happy place, which is about 10 lbs lighter, and a whole lot of more muscle. With all the travel I did for work last year, my workouts went to the wayside and I didn't prioritize my body and health. That's going to change in 2018 FOR SURE. 

In addition to blogging more, I want to get out more in my own city! I spent a lot of time scoping out new restauraunts and coffee spots in every other city I went to last year, but not so much here in Portland. So that's on the top of my list. Expect more brunch/coffee/restauraunt posts to come.

That, and hopefully more book reviews and notes to share on must reads! I've been pretty good about reading for enjoyment, and I'd like to keep that up this year.

And then as always, I hope to continue to travel and enjoy it. Based on what we've already got planned, I think this one will be pretty easy to make happen, but I want to be more intentional about it. I've been known to go go go until I'm exhausted and I'd like to do less of that and more content, intentional, adventures. 

And last but not least, I want to have more fun! Last year was pretty awesome, but I'd like 2018 to be even better. More friends. More adventures. More board games, and nights out. 

What do you guys think? Will I be able to make it all happen this year?

What are your intentions for 2018? My sister is doing 18 for 2018, setting 18 goals and intentions ranging from losing weight to traveling more to reading more. They're not goals so much as things she'd like to do more of, be more proactive about or just straight up experience. 

What's on your 18 for 2018?