Balance in Bridgetown

British Brunching at B.O.R.C.

Niven Singh

So fun fact. Apparently, Britain isn't known for their food? But ya know what? Brunch at the British Overseas Restaurant Company was delicious and the venue was delightful. 

Firstly - there was no line. Which. Was. AWESOME. Have you ever tried to go to brunch at 10 am on a Sunday? It's always a challenge. You have to find a spot that takes a reservation, which is challenging. So then you have to wait in line... for like an hour. And then, it's so busy, you feel rushed the whole time. But not at B.O.R.C! 


Brunch At B.O.R.C


First Stop in 2018

Walking in, I was hit with a sense of nostalgia. Growing up visiting India every summer, I've become used to seeing the lingering examples of the British Raj. And when I walked into BORC, that feeling of familiarity hit me once more. The china teacups placed on various tables and the sweet flowers in simple vases lent to a homey and friendly feeling. 


Upon sitting at our table, I ordered a delightful almond milk mocha. I've since been on an almond milk mocha kick after discovering the new "barista blend" of almond milk. Previously, I always found it too thin and too "almondy", but now... I've found almond milk partner in life. But enough about almond milk. The mocha was delicious and tame, but as all coffees are, not hot enough for me. 


Our friends arrived a few minutes later, and we scoured the menu to decide what to eat. I landed on the Seasonal Egg Scramble - butternut squash, arugula, gruyere cheese on house-made toast. J settled on the Farmers Omelette with ham, potatoes, gruyere, and scallions with a side of potatoes. And our friends decided on the Gingerbread Pancakes (which were second on my list!) and the Smoked Salmon Hash, and a simple scrambled egg.

As we waited for our food, our friend's 10-month-old daughter entertained us with her attempts at eating freeze-dried peas and toast. It was then that one of the staff came over and asked if she'd like toast soldiers to eat with her eggs, as "they're a hit with the kids, especially with vegemite". 

And then the food arrived. We dined, we laughed and enjoyed the slow-paced morning, as brunch progressed. 


Upon reflection. brunch at B.O.R.C. is a good option for those mornings where you're looking for some ease and grace, or a quiet moment to enjoy a simple meal with friends. Will we be back? I imagine so - they do high tea! 

Stay tuned for our next brunch stop! #BrunchInBridgetown