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Brunch Treasures at Trinket

Niven SinghComment
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You know how sometimes you wake up and you’re ready to take on the day? You know, because you’ve got a got a jam-packed schedule full of social obligations and self-care to-dos like yoga and a facial? I mean, who doesn’t want to maximize those 48 hours you get off from work and make the most of the weekend? That’s me, like 99% of the time.

But this weekend? Yeah, that’s not happening. After getting back from Toronto late last night, J and I decided we needed to do nothing noteworthy this weekend. Nothing noteworthy weekends are my faves because those are the days when we make self-care a priority. We wake up late, drink giant cups of coffee, sometimes we go to brunch, then we catch up on our favorite tv shows and do only the things that make us happy - i.e nothing at home with Gus.

The most exciting thing we have on deck this weekend is to check out a new brunch spot, do some yoga, get a massage and cook up some deliciousness. And because it’s the weekend, and you too must go to brunch, I’m pretty excited to tell you about one of my latest brunch find in SE Portland - Trinket. I truly believe it's a hidden treasure, located between Hawthorne and Division, in the Richmond neighborhood.


If you’re looking for that quintessential brunch experience, that is ideal for a slow, rainy day, I highly recommend you check them out. My sister and I were there a few days ago and were delighted by the beautiful simplicity of their menu, the coziness that was their house and that we barely had to wait in line for such a great meal!

Now when I say simplicity, there are simple breakfast entrees like those found at diners, and then there is simplicity in terms of Trinket offers, with local and farm fresh produce, resulting in the best savory delights. Between their fixed menu, and what was elegantly described on their beautiful chalkboard, K and I went back and forth on what to order for a solid few minutes. We finally landed on two of their fixed menu specials, in order to make a true assessment, ordering the Duck Eggs Benedict and the Savory Waffle. 

While we waited for our food, we took in the ambiance and realized that Trinket takes being THE neighborhood brunch spot to heart. They’ve created an ambiance of comfort and coziness, mimicking the feeling you’d get as if eating brunch at your own kitchen table. Keeping the decor simple, with greenery and soft lighting, and a couple giant windows letting natural light in, it’s the perfect spot to settle in with a good friend to chat the morning away. The venue is quaint and on the smaller side, so I would keep your party to about 2 to 4 people for the best experience. 

In the midst of a deep discussion on Dan Brown’s latest book, the food arrived and we were ready to dive. As you can tell from the smile on our faces, the food was tasty, the coffee was hot and we were hungry. The Savory Waffle was just as expected, a perfect pairing of sweet and savory, with a combo of caramelized onions and bacon under a couple of over medium eggs, all atop a deliciously fluffy waffle. And don’t forget the delicious dollop of goat cheese atop the entire stack! Each bite resulted in the perfect pair of savory and sweet and crunchy and mouthwatering. The Duck Eggs Benedict was also a delicious spin on the classic, with poached duck eggs instead of the usual chicken, on top of a layer of Canadian bacon and a toasted English muffin. I myself am normally not a Benedict person, but the balance of fat to acid in Trinket’s hollandaise sauce was right on the nose and surprised my taste buds!

As we devoured our last bites, K and I took another look at the menu, planning out our next meal, to which we decided we must bring the husbands, of course for added entertainment but also added entrees! As we like to say, you know it’s a good restaurant when you already know what you’re going to order next time. We can’t wait to come back and dive into the Huveos Al Pastor, Scone Cold Fox and Jalapeno Biscuits & Gravy. I’m already drooling, just thinking about it. 

P.s. If you’re thinking of heading to Trinket for a first date, or to share the true Portland brunch experience with your out of town parents, this is a GREAT choice. The food stands out, the service is solid and the ambiance is subtle hipster Portland. You’ll love it. I promise.