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Sunday Edition: What's Making Me Happy This Week

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How's your Sunday morning going so far? 

Mine has been pretty solid thus far. I woke up, J brought me coffee in bed, I watched a series of beauty hack videos on youtube before I felt the need to get up and be productive, or ya know, before I needed more coffee. So now I'm situated at my dining table, coffee in hand, writing to you! 

In an effort to be more reflective this year,  on top of my gratitude list, I'm trying to keep a better record of what made me happy, you know, the small stuff. It's pretty easy to remember the big things - vacations, big purchases, etc. But what about the things that made you smile on a Wednesday? And I want to try and remember some of those things. Am I the only one? So I thought why not share what's making me happy here on the blog, and hopefully, you'll let share too! 

So rather than list off a bunch of things making me happy, let's talk context and why. First things first, NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour makes me oh so happy on my drive to work/when I'm out running errands. Not only is it pop culture related, which I LOVE pop culture, it's also a GREAT spot for anyone to pick up new insights into music, TV, etc. I particularly enjoyed the "15 Favorites of 2017" episode, as well as all of their seasonal movie/tv preview episodes. Highly recommend if you don't already listen to it!

Next up is a series of small things that made this week a win. Going in the absolutely wrong order, let's talk coffee. So I mentioned in a previous post that I was going off caffeine this month. That does NOT mean I'm giving up coffee altogether - I love the smell, taste, and comfort of it TOO MUCH. So for the first two weeks of the month, I went off coffee altogether (except the occasional decaf mocha) and it made me sad. So, I'm bringing it back but DECAF. And let me tell you, I don't notice the difference. Truthfully, the first week was hard, energy-wise. But I've gotten used to it now. I mean a normal cup of black coffee (of which I would drink 2 to 3) has 140 to 300 mg of caffeine depending on the roast. Decaf has 3 to 18mg (read more here about how much caffeine is in your favorite cup. Props to The Spruce for the post!). So... I think it's a win all around. Less caffeine. Continued happiness in having my morning cup in bed. 


After coffee comes exercise. Duh.

For those of you who don't know, I used to be such a fitness/workout junkie. Fun Fact: I once competed in a bodybuilding competition, and did the whole 12 weeks of intense training, dieting and weight loss. I also was big into running at one point (hello stress relief in grad school) and even got into CrossFit leading up to my wedding. Then came 2017 when I got a new, super travel-heavy job that demanded a lot of me. I stopped working out, was sick a lot (health stuff + non-stop physical and mental stress don't go well together) and guess what - gained weight. Not fun. So, in 2018, I'm trying to get back to where I want to be. In order to do that, my goal is to workout 2-3x a week and cleaning up my diet. I know, 2-3x isn't a lot, but frankly, it's 2-3x more than I was doing this past year, and I think it's doable. So this week, I got a hot yoga class in at my favorite studio on the westside (shoutout Sculpt Yoga) and a super heavy leg day lift. I also signed up for 1x/week training to try and keep myself more accountable. Anyone else struggles with accountability, and set up checkpoints like that? 

On a completely different note, the other big thing that made me super happy this week was spending some QT with J. Now J and I spend a solid chunk of time together in the evenings, but sometimes you just want to get out, go on a date and enjoy someplace that isn't your house. And we did that TWICE this week, which is a win. Between long work days, adding workouts back in and taking caffeine out and not wanting to leave Gus behind after being home alone all day, going out on weeknights doesn't happen all that often. But we made it happen this week. We went out to The Cookie Dough Cafe for a midweek treat, and then out to brunch yesterday at popup brunch restauraunt, HunnyMilk (recaps coming soon!). Both were delicious and fun! And if you need a brunch recco - DEFINTELY go to HunnyMilk. 

And then on a more random note, Eucalyptus makes the list. As I'm sure MANY people have seen on Insta, fresh Eucalyptus in a bath or shower is great, but it's also a beautiful stem to throw in a vase on your dining table. It really adds to my "bullet journal mornings" when I'm trying to envoke all the sense to get my creative juices flowing, both visually and aroma wise.

And then a somewhat strange thing that's bringing me joy this week... I discovered Container Houses on HGTV this week and now I'm obsessed and want to build a container house.


I'm still trying to convince myself that visually, they aren't the worst, but in terms of economics and sustainability, they're totally worth it. A 40ft x 8ft container is only $2500, and apparently only take hours to "get in place" when putting together the structure of a new house project. You still have to do all the interior framing, but saves time and supplies for the exterior! How great is that?! Now I'm just working on convincing J to buy into the whole building project and commit to it. He's used to my wacky ideas... Talk about #DreamProject

What's making you happy this week? Drop a comment and let me know!